Ag Land Partners (ALP), based in the Central Valley, specializes in farm management and agricultural investment management. Despite being a young firm, ALP has experienced rapid growth, managing over 2,000 acres of farmland. The company is operated by a dynamic and youthful team, bringing innovative approaches to traditional farming practices.

Farm Management: ALP’s core foundation lies in farm management focusing on transparency. Recognizing the needs of absentee landowners and investors, ALP provides comprehensive hands-on farming management services. This includes managing day-to-day operations, budgeting, and applying their extensive experience and expertise to ensure profitable farming operations. The company prides itself on improving crop yields and profit margins through strategic partnerships with farm owners.

Technology and Sustainability: A significant aspect of ALP’s strategy is the implementation of advanced technology and sustainable practices. ALP is committed to adopting the latest technological advancements in agriculture to enhance productivity and sustainability. The focus on sustainability ensures the long-term health of the land and supports the development of next-generation farmers.

Investment Opportunities: ALP also offers unique investment opportunities for both individual and institutional investors. Their acquisition team is skilled in identifying and securing off-the-market land deals, providing investors with exclusive agricultural investment opportunities. By focusing on long-term potential, ALP aims to add substantial value to their clients’ portfolios while maintaining ethical business practices.

Mission: Ag Land Partners is dedicated to providing comprehensive agricultural management solutions that maximize profitability. Their mission emphasizes value addition to investor portfolios, sustainable farming practices, and leveraging advanced technology for improved agricultural outcomes.

Key Services

  1. Farm Management:
      • Day-to-day farm operations management
      • Expertise in increasing crop yields and profit margins
      • Partnership with absentee landowners and investors
  • Advanced Technology Implementation:
      • Adoption of the latest agricultural technologies
  • Focus on sustainable farming practices
    • Access to real-time budgets
  1. Investment Management:
    • Unique partnership scenarios for investors
    • Off-the-market land acquisition opportunities
    • Long-term potential-focused investment strategies

Commitment to Sustainability

ALP is committed to sustainable farming practices that not only enhance current farming productivity but also ensure the health of the land for future generations. By integrating advanced technology and innovative farming methods, ALP aims to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural sector.


Ag Land Partners is at the forefront of modern agriculture, blending traditional farming expertise with cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. Their rapid growth and success in managing extensive farmland underscore their effectiveness and commitment to their mission. For investors looking for unique and profitable agricultural opportunities, ALP provides a comprehensive and ethical solution that promises long-term growth and sustainability.


AG Land Partners, LLC
Phone: 209-409-4935