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Ag Land Partners seeks to provide clients with a comprehensive agricultural management solution that maximizes profitability.

Partner with a comprehensive “hands-on” farming team that can manage its day-to-day operations on a farm while providing the experience and expertise required to maintain a profitable operation.

Ag Land Partners is committed to improving farming practices by implementing the most advanced technology, making sustainability a priority, and doing what’s best for our lands as well as the next-generation farmers.

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About Us.

Before starting Ag Land Partners, Zach and Garrett founded Fowler Brothers Farming, a development company that has overseen the development of over 10,000 acres of permanent crops in California and Arizona.
Zach & Garrett have worked alongside large and small growers alike while gaining vast amounts of knowledge in project and personnel management.
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Zack and Garret
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AG Land Partners, LLC has helped many clients with their farming needs over the years. From farm management, to investment, and leasing- we have a vast portfolio of projects!